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Yedioth Ahronoth
[06:47 AM]   Iran's Guards warn protesters of 'decisive' action if unrest continues
Jerusalem Post
[08:21 AM] 50-year-old man drowns in Jerusalem mikveh
[06:43 AM] In terrorism wave's wake, limited West Bank Sukkot closures announced
[05:49 AM] Ethiopia peace talks delayed for logistical reasons -diplomats
[05:45 AM] Ukraine's Center for Civil Liberties 'proud' to win Nobel Prize
[05:25 AM] Suspect in attempted gas station bombing, vehicle shooting arrested
[04:55 AM] Erdogan and Putin discuss improving ties, ending war in call - report
[03:45 AM] IDF arrests five terrorism suspects Thursday night, confiscates knives
[03:21 AM] Retired High Court judge Shoshana Netanyahu dies at 99
[08:57 PM] US reviewing 'response options' on Saudi relations after OPEC+ cuts, Blinken says
[08:07 PM] After Syria raid, US kills Islamic State militants in air strike
[03:42 PM] Proud Boys member pleads guilty to seditious conspiracy for Capitol attack
[03:17 PM] Michican police respond to shooter at Dearborn hotel
[01:47 PM] One ISIS official killed, one wounded in rare US Syria raid -US official
[11:32 AM] IDF shoots at Palestinian in prohibited area near Gilboa Crossing
[11:20 AM] Lebanon records first cholera case since 1993
[10:39 AM] Gantz instructs IDF to be prepared for increased tensions in north
[09:02 AM] Two fires at West Bank farms ruled arson
[05:38 AM] COVID form for travelers entering Israel will be discontinued starting Saturday midnight
[03:39 AM] At least 31 people killed in mass shooting in Thailand - police
[03:23 AM] New European leaders' club sends signal of Russia's isolation - top diplomat
[03:19 AM] EU foreign ministers will discuss additional sanctions on Iran - top diplomat
[02:38 AM] Operation Break the Wave: 4 wanted individuals arrested in West Bank overnight
[01:06 AM] Nine buses hit by gunfire in Maghar, northern Israel
[08:41 PM] 24-year-old resident of Netanya stabbed to death
[02:11 PM] Alec Baldwin 'Rust' settlement has no impact on possible criminal charges -DA
[01:18 PM] Palestinian security saves Israelis, tourists from Hebron mob
[01:03 PM] US appeals court grants Justice Dept expedited appeal in Trump case
[12:50 PM] Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant is preparing to restart one reactor - IAEA
[10:29 AM] will not be updated until Wednesday evening
[10:00 AM] Israeli officer injured in clash with suspect in West Bank
Arutz Sheva
[01:01 PM] London police close investigation into Hanukkah bus attack
[12:21 PM] ADL launches program to fight antisemitism at community level
[12:00 PM] Shabbat Shalom from Israel!
[11:45 AM] Additional arrests made in Kiryat Shmona murder case
[11:44 AM] Shooting in Israel's north
[11:29 AM] Gantz holds briefing for senior officials in Israel's north
[11:19 AM] Munich Olympic massacre culprit paid for documentary
[11:08 AM] Russian nuclear threat: US buys nearly $$300 million worth of radiation sickness drug
[10:53 AM] Motorcycle accident on Route 383
[10:52 AM] Israelis rescued in Nepal
[10:50 AM] IDF kills Palestinian who threw firebomb
[10:32 AM] Man shot in Or Yehuda
[10:17 AM] Nobel Peace Prize goes to activists from Ukraine and Russia
[10:14 AM] Man falls from building in Be'er Sheva
[10:05 AM] 263 thousand new jobs in USA
[09:45 AM] Jordan Peterson: 'The fate of the world depends on Israel'
[09:19 AM] Terrorist who placed explosives at gas station is arrested
[08:39 AM] Yeshiva student killed at birthday party in northern Israel
[08:26 AM] Motorcycle accident in Route 2
[08:24 AM] New beach opened in Sea of Galilee
[08:01 AM] Private plane accidentally lands on military airfield
[07:57 AM] Hebron resident arrested for driving at 200 km/h
[07:53 AM] IDF: No general closure during holiday
[07:32 AM] Top rabbi released home from hospital
[07:21 AM] No closure for Judea and Samaria over Sukkot
[07:02 AM] MK demands ISA investigate Jordan Valley arson
[06:33 AM] After 74 years: Bodies of two fallen soldiers found
[06:23 AM] Nobel Peace Prize winners for 2022 announced
[05:58 AM] View: Rabbi Gershon Edelstein chooses lulav for Sukkot
[05:34 AM] Terrorist who murdered Rabbi Binyamin Kahane to remain in prison
[05:26 AM] Putin ally calls for use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine
[05:10 AM] An angel amongst men - Rabbi Avraham Elkana Shapira zts"l
[05:06 AM] Witchcraft in our day and age? UAE woman cleared of wrongdoing
[04:57 AM] Watch: Israelis demonstrate support for Iranian protesters
[04:39 AM] Political analyst: Lapid's political camp attempts to silence rght-wing media
[03:24 AM] Heaven and Earth, eternal witnesses: What the commentators say
[03:18 AM] Watch: Julian Assange's wife in fiery clash with John Bolton
[03:11 AM] Elton John, Prince Harry among celebrities suing Daily Mail
[03:01 AM] Talking Parsha Ha'azinu & Sukkot: Why's Moshe talking to the sky & earth??
[03:00 AM] Haazinu: Freedom of thought
[02:46 AM] Democracy’s watchdog has abandoned its role
[02:33 AM] Watch: In 1st ever, man crosses Atlantic in rowing boat
[02:10 AM] Kentucky: Lawsuit aims to block abortion restrictions on religious grounds
[01:48 AM] Watch: Kanye West reveals death threats for wearing MAGA hat
[01:48 AM] New poll: Likud-led bloc wins 61 Knesset seats
[01:45 AM] 'Mouth-watering moment': Biden and DeSantis put on show of unity
[01:34 AM] Maritime border talks with Lebanon continue despite impasse
[01:31 AM] Human Rights Council votes against discussing alleged Chinese abuses
[12:58 AM] Biden: Risk of nuclear 'Armageddon' is at its highest level since 1962
[12:53 AM] Canadian police: One suspect killed all 11 victims in Saskatchewan rampage
[12:27 AM] Judge delays trial between Twitter and Elon Musk
[12:04 AM] US sanctions seven Iranian officials over protest crackdown
[11:46 PM] Police Commissioner to INN: 'We are happy to see thousands coming to the Temple Mount'
[11:15 PM] Shaked: 'Israel must not give in to any threat from Hezbollah'
[10:38 PM] Las Vegas: Two dead, six wounded in stabbing spree
[10:09 PM] MK Kalfon to INN: 'Voting for Gantz? The votes will go to the left'
[09:55 PM] Poll: Right-wing bloc wins 62 seats, National Unity Party weakens
[09:24 PM] US forces kill two top ISIS leaders in northern Syria
[08:48 PM] Mossad chief warns cabinet: Nasrallah could seek to attack Israel
[08:22 PM] Meretz withdraws petition, Silman will run with Likud
[07:40 PM] Shaked: Time to stop the loss of governance in Israel's capital
[07:26 PM] Biden to pardon all offenses of simple marijuana possession
[06:51 PM] The story of Babi Yar, Erev Yom Kippur 1941
[06:44 PM] Footage: Firebomb directly hits Border Police vehicle in Silwan
[06:07 PM] US forces eliminate senior ISIS member in Syria
[05:57 PM] Fellow Australians, our aid money directed at wrong organization
[05:41 PM] Religious Zionism Party warns of a return to the days of Oslo
[05:20 PM] A gift of love
[05:01 PM] Religious Affairs Ministry sets up sukkot at 9 hospitals
[04:51 PM] Turkey taps ambassador to Israel after four year absence
[04:49 PM] Is working in Eretz Yisrael a Mitzva?
[04:46 PM] Motorcycle explosion in Hadera
[04:45 PM] President Biden to pardon all convicted of possession of marijuana
[04:34 PM] US tourist denied audience with pope damages 2 Roman sculptures
[04:21 PM] Court hearing on Chikli's disqualification ends, decision on Sunday
[04:15 PM] 7 hurt in car accident near Hod Hasharon
[04:14 PM] Man shot in Tira
[03:53 PM] Rabbi Pinto's 'Ne'ilah' prayer for 17 million people
[03:41 PM] Cornell hosts prof on Yom Kippur who compared Jews to Nazis
[03:37 PM] Biden’s real VP – his wife
[03:32 PM] US source: Senior ISIS member killed in US raid in Syria
[03:20 PM] Canadian white nationalist convicted for antisemitic hate speech
[03:11 PM] MK Galant: Lapid was wrong on everything with the maritime border
[02:59 PM] New York City: Jewish newspaper boxes vandalized with swastikas on Yom Kippur
[02:55 PM] Haazinu: This entire, very complex story
[02:33 PM] PM, DM authorized to make security decisions in case of escalation
[02:31 PM] Shaked: Israel cannot accept Nasrallah's dictates
[02:27 PM] New York Governor's Race New poll shows Lee Zeldin in statistical dead-heat with Hochul
[02:19 PM] Security Cabinet discussion on maritime border negotiations concludes
[02:18 PM] US Treasury announces new sanctions against senior Iranian officials
[02:15 PM] Netanyahu: I am healthy but unfortunately our country is less healthy
[02:04 PM] A Rabbi on Jewish hopes, dreams and struggles in South Africa.
[01:51 PM] Jonathan Pollard to be guest at Simchat Beit Hashoeva in Petah Tikva
[01:30 PM] Memorial to Holocaust victims in Dunkirk, France defaced
[01:26 PM] Maritime Border Deal: IDF put on alert as Israel refuses Lebanese demands
[01:16 PM] Likud lawyer: Netanyahu, Chikli apologize
[12:57 PM] Electric bicycle rider moderately injured in accident in Eilat
[12:56 PM] Lionel Messi: The World Cup in Qatar will be my last
[12:55 PM] Meretz withdraws petition to disqualify Idit Silman from running
[12:53 PM] Taekwondo world body bans competitor boycotts of Israel
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