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Yedioth Ahronoth
[06:47 AM]   Iran's Guards warn protesters of 'decisive' action if unrest continues
Jerusalem Post
[05:49 AM] High Court of Justice rules against autopsy of allegedly strangled child
[04:49 AM] Brittney Griner defense team appeal against Russian drugs conviction
[04:05 AM] Beit Shemesh Talmud Torah principal arrested on suspicion of abuse
[02:42 AM] Iran says Rushdie and supporters to blame for his attack
[02:31 AM] Nuclear deal can be reached if Iran's red lines are respected
[11:58 AM] White House to circulate Afghanistan memo defending US withdrawal -Axios report
[10:07 AM] Magnitude 6.6 earthquake strikes Kermadec Islands -EMSC
[08:44 AM] School trips to Poland frozen amid dispute
[05:18 AM] 5.6 magnitude earthquakes hit China
[01:06 AM] US Vice President Kamala Harris to attend former Japanese PM funeral
[05:18 PM] Gunmen open fire at entrance to Rachel's Tomb
[09:39 AM] Israel Elections: Hadash re-elects Odeh as head, Touma-Sliman and Cassif
[08:50 AM] Hezbollah official: Group does not know anything about attack on Rushdie
[06:15 AM] Russia claims full control of Pisky village in Ukraine's Donetsk region
[03:24 AM] Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes Philippine islands region
[10:29 PM] American attorney released from detention in UAE - lawyer
[05:21 PM] A 14-year-old hit by a vehicle was pronounced dead in Peta Tivka
[05:15 PM] Three men injured in a car accident near Efrat
[04:40 PM] Molotov cocktails were thrown at houses in Sha'arei Tikva
[04:06 PM] Eleven dead in mass shooting in Montenegro -report
[02:45 PM] Former detective to plead guilty to Breonna Taylor killing charges
[11:41 AM] China's Xi Jinping plans to meet with Biden in first foreign trip in 3 years
[09:08 AM] Israel allegedly strikes Hezbollah post in Syria - report
[09:01 AM] Ukraine calls for UN, Red Cross to send envoys to Russian POW camps
[08:00 AM] Taiwan says 10 Chinese planes crossed Taiwan Strait median line
[07:25 AM] UK government officially declares drought in parts of England
[03:56 AM] French cartoonist Sempe, famous for New Yorker covers, dies age 89
[02:51 AM] Compensation plan for businesses affected by Gaza op published
[02:24 AM] Dangerous substance leaked in Ben-Gurion Airport, authorities say no danger
[02:03 AM] Britain says Crimea blasts degrade Russia’s Black Sea aviation fleet
Arutz Sheva
[06:59 AM] Ukraine war: Chief rabbi coordinating aid for refugees in Romania, Moldova
[06:31 AM] Threats to JK Rowling: 'You're next in line'
[06:23 AM] Jerusalem terrorist was released early from prison
[06:01 AM] Cleared for publication: IDF neutralized terrorist tunnel in northern Gaza
[05:57 AM] On eliminating terrorists for a better world
[05:32 AM] American Jewry desperately needs better leadership. 
[05:18 AM] Baby formula ranks most shoplifted item. Some are trying to help
[04:39 AM] MK Strock: Hope for Homesh after 17 years of repeated demolitions
[04:32 AM] American-based Israel Haters hail slain terrorist
[04:05 AM] An argument against Astrology
[04:05 AM] IDF's war on terror continues
[03:33 AM] Jerusalem shooting attack: Improvement in condition of two victims and premature infant
[02:46 AM] Buildings in Ramat Migron demolished again
[02:38 AM] Top rabbi to bereaved family: 'Your pain atones for the entire generation'
[12:52 AM] Putin to North Korean leader: 'We'll expand our bilateral relations'
[12:19 AM] Iran: 'Nuclear talks must result in removal of US sanctions'
[11:38 PM] US lawmakers visit Taiwan after controversial Pelosi visit
[11:14 PM] Iranian media suggests Rushdie stabbing was a 'US plot'
[10:51 PM] Yoaz Hendel: 'Gantz pressured me to form government supported by Joint List'
[10:20 PM] Blinken blasts Iran following Rushdie attack
[09:45 PM] China: Kindergartens and schools in Shanghai to reopen September 1
[09:17 PM] US condemns Jerusalem bus attack
[08:48 PM] Woman seriously injured in accident in Mateh Binyamin Regional Council
[08:09 PM] Erdan to UN chief: 'Overturn removal of UN official who condemned rocket fire'
[07:41 PM] Watch: What is on Netanyahu's agenda if re-elected?
[07:16 PM] Report: Rushdie stabber was in direct contact with IRGC
[06:43 PM] Poll: Religious Zionism and Otzma Yehudit win more seats separately
[06:00 PM] Trump letter gave go-ahead to annex Judea and Samaria
[05:58 PM] Jewish billionaire hosts Rabbi Pinto
[05:31 PM] Mar-A-Lago raid: Who is the suspected mole behind the raid of Trump's property?
[05:28 PM] Shaked to Arutz Sheva: 'Eizenkot is a leftist who's pushing for a Palestinian state'
[05:04 PM] Consolation for Jerusalem
[05:01 PM] Syrian military claims: Three dead, three injured, in Israeli attack on Tartus
[04:43 PM] Religious soldiers walk out after women sing in IDF ceremony
[03:20 PM] Eizenkot holds first political press conference
[03:06 PM] Explosions heard in Syria
[02:56 PM] New details emerge on Jerusalem shooting
[02:52 PM] Struk to Arutz Sheva: I'm Shocked that Elkin would join leftist Eizenkot
[02:27 PM] Eizenkot's entry to politics leaves right-wing bloc with 61 seats
[02:16 PM] Pharmaceutical prices falling by more than 10%
[01:41 PM] Deceased singer to be laid to rest tomorrow
[01:27 PM] Autopsy of child prompts riot in Jerusalem
[01:23 PM] Israel to increase economic benefits for Gaza
[01:20 PM] Jerusalem girls school repaints iconic Homesh water tower
[12:37 PM] Pedestrian hospitalized in Hadera
[12:27 PM] Jerusalem terrorist's detention extended
[12:25 PM] Shaked to announce new party members this week
[12:16 PM] Orit Struk: 'Crimes by terrorist inmates common knowledge among Arabs'
[11:59 AM] Hundreds come to build new town in Samaria
[11:26 AM] Interviewung Saudi plan initiator, author Ali Shihabi
[10:55 AM] Report: Man drives into Capitol building, sets fire to self
[10:45 AM] Report: Man set car on fire and drove into barricade near US Capitol
[10:34 AM] Committee to investigate femicide receives expanded powers 
[10:16 AM] New demand: Freeze budget allotted to Reform Movement
[10:01 AM] Twitter did not ban the man calling to murder Rushdie
[10:00 AM] Gantz: "Prayers are with the people of Egypt"
[09:51 AM] NBC covers for Palestinian Islamic Jihad
[09:42 AM] Insulted? Likud's Bitan resigns from Election Committee
[09:01 AM] Committee to investigate femicide gets expanded powers
[08:37 AM] Israeli singer found dead in his home at 72
[08:07 AM] 41 killed in fire at Egyptian Coptic church
[07:58 AM] Scores dead in church fire
[07:49 AM] Retired Supreme Court Justice confirmed as committee chair
[07:24 AM] Itamar Ben Gvir calls for death penalty for Jerusalem stabber
[07:19 AM] Israeli singer found dead in his home
[07:15 AM] Man arrested after mall stabbing in Jerusalem
[07:00 AM] Brothers shot in Jerusalem attack reunited in hospital care
[06:38 AM] The hot pagan nights of August
[06:32 AM] Lapid: Whoever harms Israeli citizens has nowhere to hide
[06:26 AM] Fire in Modiin school
[06:21 AM] Stabbing in Jerusalem mall
[06:20 AM] Father of fallen Border Police officer talks of suicidal thoughts
[05:37 AM] Op-ed Brian Robinson to the Rescue
[05:30 AM] Bennett refuses to veto committee appointment
[05:29 AM] EU Ambassador: Horrified by the despicable attack in Jerusalem
[05:27 AM] Amb. Nides: Americans injured, I spoke with families
[05:12 AM] Soccer club denounces attack on comedian
[05:09 AM] Shaked asks Bennett to veto committee chair appointment
[05:08 AM] US Embassy: US citizens among the victims of Jerusalem attack
[05:07 AM] Police seize guns, fireworks near Hebron
[05:04 AM] Shaked: 'Eizenkot, Kahana joining Gantz good news for left-wing voters'
[04:45 AM] Is America burning? Depends who you ask
[04:31 AM] 4 members of New York Jewish family shot near Western Wall
[04:19 AM] 120 traffic tickets issued over weekend
[04:14 AM] Worker falls from truck in Ma'ale Ephraim
[03:51 AM] Man indicted for beating parking lot manager
[03:39 AM] Car crashes into supermarket in Haifa
[03:20 AM] Former Yamina MK to join Gantz's party
[03:13 AM] Bus crash victim's life saved by Tzitzit
[03:03 AM] Police arrest teens for mugging foreign workers in Ramle
[02:52 AM] Former IDF Chief of Staff to join Gantz's party
[02:49 AM] Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine vote winner to Lapid, Gantz, Bibi
[02:13 AM] Jerusalem attack: 'Sovereignty in Jerusalem belongs only to the Jewish people'
[02:05 AM] Jerusalem shooter surrenders to security forces
[01:29 AM] Lapid: Terrorists will pay a price, Jerusalem is our capital city
[01:16 AM] ISA joins hunt for Jerusalem shooter
[01:11 AM] Yisrael Beiteinu MK expected to resign to lead new party
[12:50 AM] British PM candidate: 'Attack on Rushdie should serve as a wake-up call to the West'
[12:37 AM] Baby of woman injured in Jerusalem attack delivered
[12:19 AM] UTJ MK: 'Gafni made efforts to form another government'
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